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The range and diversity of translation services provided are enormous; the subjects can range from aviation, electronics, law, market

Translation of Texts

Icon 2provides the service of translating texts from one language to another.

Conference Interpreters

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provides complete linguistic services from highly skilled, professional and experienced multi-lingual interpreters.

Conference facilities

Image 4Personal Computers (PCs), Network Servers, Networks, Laptop Computers of varying processing speeds and memory capacities and equipped with latest software packages and Internet Services to suit all kinds of conference operations. Laser Jet Printers/Ink Jet colour printers. Heavy duty photocopying machines, with sorters. , LCD Multimedia Projectors, Overhead Projectors. E-mail /Internet Services through ISP’s., Help in the acquisition of Visas for delegates when necessary




Company News

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We also provide translation services for conference-related literature such as; Audio- Visual presentations (slides), Speeches, Conference.

Simultaneous Interpretation Systems (SIS

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Interpreters provide the conference participants with seamless interpretation of the “floor” language. The main languages covered include; English, French, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic among others.